The Team

Mavis Gragg.png

Mavis Gragg

Co Founder

Mavis Gragg is a seasoned attorney and conservation professional with nearly two decades of experience in real estate, conflict resolution, estate planning, and probate. She focused her work on family land retention after she and her siblings lost much of their family wealth. She knew that she could develop resources to help other families avoid that kind of loss.

Otis Jennings.png

Otis Jennings

Co Founder

Otis is a former business and engineering professor who worked at several prominent universities and has since become a serial entrepreneur. His expertise is in mathematical modeling and algorithm development.

Monica Gragg.png

Monica Gragg

Co Founder

Monica Gragg is a UX and learning experience designer that specializes in user research and human-centered design. Most of her work is in adult learning, where she has helped Fortune 500 companies to startups build engaging online learning experiences. Monica has produced more than 500 online courses and was the lead designer on three applications.